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Release Notes - 2016-12-19

The following enhancements and bug fixes have been released over the past couple of months.

What's New

  • Enhanced callbacks to allow user to specify the number of retries that should occur when executing the callback.
  • When changing an item's price/cost in the item list, ask the user if they want to also change all occurrences of the item in open work orders and/or active/paused recurring work orders. Changes to work order item prices are also logged in the work order's log so there are no mysteries of how an item's price/cost was changed.
  • Added new columns to the "Work Orders" custom reports dataset. The new columns are:
    • Billing Status
    • Invoice Date
    • Invoice No.
    • Invoice System
    • Invoice URL

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: After closing a work order from the list, the work order's assignment(s) show as completed but the formatting is incorrect.
  • Fixed: Resetting a password shows an ugly error page if the passwords do not match.
  • Fixed: Javascript error when editing a work order's expense item.
  • Fixed: Javascript error when using "Search Notes & Comments".
  • Fixed: Javascript error when adding an equipment item to a new work order when first creating the work order.
  • Fixed: The unit price of line items in non-billable work orders was showing as 0, but with an extended price (quantity * unit price) of > 0.
  • Fixed: Intermittent error when editing a work order.
  • Fixed: When choosing new scheduled assignment date/time from assignees' calendar on "New Work Order" page, the selected date/time aren't applied to the assignment.
  • Fixed: After editing the "work address" for a user, the changes are not saved.
  • Fixed: Custom fields of type "Text (Multiline)" are not displayed in the customer portal.
  • Fixed: Callbacks created as part of a Zapier integration are not being executed.
  • Fixed: Recurring work orders with end dates in the past are not restarted after editing and selecting 'Indefinite' as the new end date type.
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