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Release Notes - 2017-04-27

The following enhancements will be released today, Thursday April 27, 2017.

What's New

User Profile Pictures

We're adding the ability to associate a profile picture with each user in your account. You can upload a custom picture, or generate a picture using the user's initials. The profile pictures will appear in various places throughout the application, and we'll add it to even more places in the future.

To edit a user's profile picture, simply choose an option from the dropdown list that appears under the default profile picture when editing the user account.

If you don't want to use a custom image, you can create a profile image using the user's initials, or the first letter of their display name. Created profile images have randomized background colors, so if you don't like the background color that is used, simply recreate it until you find a color you like.

When uploading a custom image, you'll be prompted to size and crop the image. Use the slider below the image to rezize. You can also move the image around so that the desired part shows up inside the selection box. Click Save to finalize the edits. Screen_Shot_2017-04-27_at_11.54.09_AM.png

Profile Pictures in the Work Order List

User profile pictures will appear in various places throughout the app, but if you want them to appear in the Work Order List, you'll need to activate the new customization options.


Click the "Customize" button on the upper right-hand of the Work Order List. In the "Customize List" box, notice the new "Include Profile Picture" checkboxes underneath the "Account Manager", "Service Manager", and "Assigned To" checkboxes. 

Click Save and the list will reload with user profile pictures displayed.



Redesigned Service Dashboard

The "Service Dashboard" has been redesigned with a new three-column layout that better utilizes available screen space. This new design is easier to scan, with "Today" and "Upcoming" sections in the left column. The heavily-used "Recent Activity" section has a more prominent position in the middle column, allowing quicker access and more visibility.


Other Improvements

  • You can now export data related to Recurring Work Orders. You find this in Settings > Import/Export > Export.
  • Several custom report datasets have been modified to include the "Account Manager" and "Account Manager ID" fields.
  • Custom reports that include contracts will now show the contract name as a hyperlink to the contract. 
  • When a work order is edited, the corresponding log entry entitled "Changed" now includes more detail about the fields that were changed.
  • When viewing a work order, the assignments in the right-hand sidebar now have a small border to help delineate multiple assignments from each other.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: On a custom "Contracts" report, the links to customer records don't work.
  • Fixed: Unable to customize columns for Customer List when using a customized role name.
  • Fixed: Editing the App Title displays an ugly error when the user adds a value greater than 100 characters.
  • Fixed: Exporting a report to CSV file not working.
  • Fixed: Sort order on work order Items tab in mobile web app doesn't match the default sort in the main app.
  • Fixed: QuickBooks Online transfer failed due to an undocumented API change by Intuit.
  • Fixed: Custom report export error when report name contains a restricted character or is too long.
  • Fixed: User isn't returned to the correct page after deleting an item from the work order log.
  • Fixed: QuickBooks Import Tool error occurred when user didn't have certain local system permissions.
  • Fixed: Bug in incoming email causing email attachments with the same name to overwrite previous attachments on the same work order.
  • Fixed: Bug in incoming email if the email was sent to an address with a host name that contained a subdomain matching an alias in BlueFolder.
  • Fixed: Report export error reference to customerId when exporting as ExcelML format.
  • Fixed: Exporting a report containing data resembling an Excel formula fails to export.
  • Fixed: Recurring work order fails if customer contact is invalid.
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