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Release Notes - 2017-10-25

What's New

Work Order Log Improvements

  • Work order log entries now include information about the notifications that were sent as a result of the action that was logged. For example, if a work order's status was changed, and 2 users were notified of the change, the "Status Changed" log entry will include details about who was notified of that action. Each notification that was sent is listed as a link that, when clicked, displays the exact notification that was sent to that person. Any notifications sent to a customer will also be listed in the log entry. Notifications are first displayed as "Notification pending to...", but once sent (usually within 1 minute) they are displayed as "Notification sent to...".


    NOTE: Notifications sent prior to this release will not be displayed in the log.

  • Work order log entries now include details about edits to custom field values, including what fields were changed, and the changed values.


  • Work order log entries now include details about edits to the work order's equipment list. Any equipment items added or removed will be listed in the log accordingly.


Changes to Item List

  • The "Item List" has been moved from "Settings" to the "Work Orders" tab.
  • New customizable permissions have been added for "Item Create", "Item Edit", and "Item Delete".
  • Items in the Item List can now be cloned, making it easy to quickly create multiple similar items.
  • When importing items, the "Discontinued" field can now be modified.

Other Changes

  • "Tax Codes" has been moved from "Settings" to the "Billing" tab.
  • The "Web Requests" feature now has its own section in "Settings".
  • The address fields that appear on the web request form can now be customized, including the ability to make the fields required or to turn them off completely.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: When assignment completion is turned off, an assignment completion log entry is still sometimes added to the work order log.
  • Fixed: When assignment completion is turned off, the "Work Order Assignment is Completed" customer notification is still visible in settings.
  • Fixed: Sometimes an error occurs when adding a new equipment item.
  • Fixed: Recurring job assignments that have the same time as an actual calendar event should appear before the actual events.
  • Fixed: When a blank email with attachment(s) is received on an existing work order, it is logged as a blank comment. It should be received as an "attachment added" log event without a blank comment.
  • Fixed: Occasional error when viewing a customer record.
  • Fixed: When creating a new recurring job from the customer the start date is Jan 1, 0001.
  • Fixed: Customer notification not sent after verifying a work order that originated via incoming email.
  • Fixed: Printing in Firefox does not print table borders when the table spans to page 2.
  • Fixed: Attempting to search by Location Address field in the work order list is broken.
  • Fixed: The "Resend Activation Email" link on user list should be hidden for no-login users.
  • Fixed: Table borders not appearing beyond page 1 in PDFs generated from printing a work order.
  • Fixed: "Recently Viewed Equip" shows up on mobile dashboard even when that feature is turned off.
  • Fixed: Assignment completion button displayed in mobile edition dashboard even if that feature is turned off.
  • Fixed: Logo & text alignment issue on the customer portal dashboard.
  • Fixed: Incorrect billing address on work orders created by recurring jobs under certain conditions.
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