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BlueFolder Pay FAQ

What is BlueFolder Pay?

BlueFolder Pay is a set of features that allow you to invoice customers and collect payment via credit cards and ACH. This 'deeply integrated' solution helps you get paid faster, saves your team time, provides detailed reporting, and serves as a one-stop shop for all your customer service needs.


What are your processing rates?

We offer flat and customized rate plans.

  • Fixed Rate: 2.9% + $0.25 per transaction
  • Custom Rate: This type of rate plan is called "Interchange +" and allows us more flexibility in pricing but is a bit more complicated. We provide a free analysis of your existing rates by reviewing two or three recent monthly statements from your current payment processing provider. Many times processing vendors inflate their margin by adding fees in other areas, separate from the quoted rate. In some cases, vendors mark-up Card Brand Pass-Through fees. Our expert team will provide a transparent quote for our services while also highlighting the fees you’re paying with your current vendor. In almost all cases we can meet or beat your existing total processing costs.

Note: If you signup for BlueFolder Pay and do not process any payments for 180 days, a $20 fee will be assessed each month as long as payments are not being processed in your account.


What accounting systems integrate with BlueFolder Pay?

Currently, we provide built-in integration with QuickBooks, both Desktop and Online, that syncs invoices and payments from your BlueFolder account to your QuickBooks account. To integrate with other accounting systems, you can use our open API or something like Zapier.


How will this save me time/money?

  • Save money on processing costs - we can usually offer a better rate and lower fees than competitors.
  • Get paid faster as a result of a streamlined workflow that enables payments to be accepted right in BlueFolder instead of having to use a separate solution.
  • Having payments built-in saves you time by having payment history information readily available to your team and your customers.
  • Ability to email invoices directly from BlueFolder, track their progress, and get paid immediately without having to wait for checks to be sent in the mail.


How do I get started?

If you've decided to sign up for BlueFolder Pay just let us know and we will begin the signup process for your account. The process goes like this:

  • We send you a link to the online application
  • Your business owner completes the application
  • Our underwriting team reviews your application and responds via email if they need additional information
  • Your application is approved
  • We contact you to schedule an onboarding call to walk you through setup and usage


What are the benefits of BlueFolder Pay vs QuickBooks Payments, Stripe, Square, etc?

  • Save money on processing costs - we can usually offer a better rate than competitors
  • Workflow is streamlined because payments can be accepted right in BF
  • Minimizes the need to use your accounting software for taking payments (and prevents having to grant your techs access to your accounting system)
  • Being built-in saves you time by having payment history information readily available to your team and your customers
  • Ability to email invoices directly from BF and track their progress
  • We also offer small business loans to provide growth capital for your business


When will payments be deposited into my account?

Credit card payments are deposited into your account within 2 business days. The cutoff time to get deposits in 2 days is 8 PM ET and payments processed after that go into the next deposit cycle. If you need next business day deposits, we offer an Accelerated Funding option for $20/mo.


Can payments be accepted in the field/remotely?

Yes. Our mobile app supports taking payments in the field, but only via manual entry for now. We're working on support for mobile card readers so your techs can use tap/insert/swipe instead and hope to have that released in Q3 2023.


Can payments be accepted online?

Yes, you can email an invoice link to your customer which they can use to view and pay the invoice online.


Can payments be accepted via ACH?

Yes, you can take payments via ACH, but this feature is not active by default. Please contact support if you need this feature activated.


Who do I call if I have a problem with invoicing/payments?

With BlueFolder Pay you gain the benefit of working with a single provider for both your software and payment processing. So just call us if you have any questions or problems.


Does BlueFolder Pay protect me from credit card data breaches?

Yes. As you probably know, any business that takes payments via credit cards is required by law to be PCI DSS compliant in order to protect your customer's credit card data. BlueFolder Pay includes a $9.95 per month toolset from SecurityMetrics that helps you stay PCI compliant without the hassle of doing it yourself. This offering also includes $100,000 of annual data breach protection.


What credit cards are supported by BlueFolder Pay? What about Apple Pay, PayPal, etc?

BlueFolder Pay supports Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Support for Apple Pay is coming soon. PayPal and Venmo are not supported at this time.


Can I pass along the processing fees to my customers?

In the near future we will be releasing a new feature to allow you to add a “program fee” to your invoices in order to recoup the cost of credit card processing fees from your customers.


Can we take deposits?

We currently don't support this, but we plan to support this in the future.


Can we take partial payments for long-running projects?

Yes, in certain price plans you can create multiple invoices per work order, thus allowing you to create partial invoices for long-running projects.


Can I store my customer's credit card data so it doesn't have to be entered every time?

We currently don't support this, but we plan to support this in the future.


Support for recurring invoicing/payments?

We currently don't support this, but we plan to support this in the future.

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