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Contracts Overview

BlueFolder allows you to manage Service Contracts with your customers, such as a block of hours, a pre-paid amount, warranties, etc. Your can create and manage these from the Contracts tab. Start by creating a 'New Contract' associated with a customer. You'll be able to set your parameters here, including whether it's a money or time-limited contract. You can also specify things like an expiration date, contract amount, description, terms, notes, etc. Files attachments can also be added to a contract.

When you add labor, material or expense items to a work order that has a contract associated with it, you'll have the option of billing the items to a contract. If you try to allocate billing items to a contract that would cause the contract limit to be exceeded, you will get an error message. You can either change the amount you’re billing against the contract, edit the contract to increase the limit, or make the item billable.

Key Built-in Fields

This tab allows you to view and edit the fields that define the Contract.

  • Contract Name: This is a required field.
  • Status: When creating a new Contract, this value defaults to Active. Other options are Pending, Cancelled, Expired, and Closed.
  • Start Date: A start date is required.
  • Expiration: You can give a contract an expiration date, or leave the contract with no end date.
  • Customer: Choose a customer from your database or create a new record.
  • Contact: After you choose a customer, the default contact will appear in this space. You may choose a different contact associated with this customer record.
  • Bill To: You may choose the customer’s default billing address or another address. If you choose Other Address, you will be prompted to fill in the new information.
  • Limit: You can create a contract limited by hours or a dollar amount, or a contract without a limit.
  • Overage: You can choose to allow contract overages.
  • Subtotal: The flat rate you are charging for the contract. This is a required field.
  • Tax Code: A drop-down list with all the tax codes you have set up in BlueFolder
  • Tax: Automatically calculated after you pick the tax code
  • Total: Automatically calculated from the Subtotal and Tax Amount
  • Contract Type: You can customize the list for this in Settings > General Settings > Contracts.
  • Contract Number: If using an internal contract numbering scheme you can enter the contract number here.
  • Hide from Portal: If you are using the Customer Portal, checking this box will hide the customer’s contract usage data when they log in.
  • PO Number : If your customer issues a P.O. for this contract you can enter it here.
  • Contract Description: Use this field to enter details of the contract.
  • Contract Terms: Use this field to enter terms of the contract.
  • Contract Notes: Use this field to enter any notes for the contract.

Contract Usage

When viewing a contract, the Contract Usage tab shows a summary of the contract's usage, along with a detailed list of all the items that have been charged to the contract.

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