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Customize Billing System Integration Options

You can customize the default options that will be applied when exporting billing information in the Billing tab.

Default Export Format

You can choose between "QuickBooks XML" or "Standard XML" format. The "QuickBooks XML" format is intended for use with our "BlueFolder QuickBooks Import Tool" that is available for download from Settings > General Settings > Billing. The "Standard XML" format can be used to import BlueFolder billing data into any system you choose. Using the "Standard XML" format will require additional development work that is not provided by BlueFolder.

QuickBooks Export Options

Group multiple Work Orders for each customer into a single invoice per customer

This option combines multiple Work Orders into a single invoice for each customer that is part of the exported data. Work Orders are sub-totaled on the invoice for easy reference. If this option is not checked, each Work Order will be created as a single invoice in QuickBooks.

Include Work Order Detailed Description on invoice exports

When checked, this option will include the contents of the Work Orders "Detailed Description" field on the QuickBooks invoice.

Exclude all taxes (use this option if you have taxes turned off in QuickBooks)

This option excludes all tax information from the QuickBooks export file.

Default QuickBooks Account

Items that are exported from BlueFolder to QuickBooks must be associated with an account in QuickBooks. You can specify the QuickBooks account for individual items by editing the items in your Item List. Use the following textbox to specify a 'Default Account Name' that will be used for items that do not have an 'Account Name' value specified in the Item List.

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