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Custom Fields Overview

BlueFolder allows you to add custom fields to Customer records, Equipment records, and Work Orders.

Customer Custom Fields

Customer custom fields allow you to track and report on specific data for your customers.  An example might be recording how a customer found you. For example, adding 'lead source' as a custom field will give you a place to enter data so that it can be displayed on the customer overview as well as in reports. 

Equipment Custom Fields

Equipment custom fields allow you to customize your customer's equipment records to reflect exactly what you want to track.  For example, you may want track how long a specific piece of equipment is protected by the manufacture's warranty.  To do that simply add an equipment custom field and enter the date that the warranty expires. 

Work Order Custom Fields

Using Work Order custom fields helps you record, display and report on specific data per Work Order.  For example, Work Order custom fields can be anything from a referral code to a Yes/No if the customer will be on site at the same time as your technician.  

Custom Field Types

  • Text - A general purpose field that accepts any type of data (letters, numbers, special characters, etc.)
  • List - A value-list field that allows you to specify a list of values from which users must pick.
  • Date - A date field that generates a date picker control for users to pick a date.
  • Number - A field that only accepts valid numeric values.
  • Yes/No - A field that generates a checkbox control on the screen. Used for true/false values.

Options for Work Order Custom Fields

Custom fields for Work Orders are unique in that you may choose to display them via the Customer Portal (optional upgrade). This is a useful feature if you need your customers to enter specific information when requesting service from your company.

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