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Customize Your Work Orders

You can customize the Work Order to include or exclude built-in fields that may or may not be applicable to your business.


BlueFolder uses the default term of 'Work Order', however, you can customize this term to match your business. Your custom term will appear anywhere in BlueFolder that the term 'Work Order' appears.

Customizable Built-In Fields

The following fields can be enabled or disabled:

  • Account Manager - displays the account manager if one is assigned to the customer.
  • Service Manager - displays the service manager if one is assigned to the customer.
  • Detailed Description - A large text field used to describe details about the work being performed.
  • Due Date - For time-sensitive work, this field is used to specify the date/time the work must be completed.
  • External Id - A text field that can be used to assign an Id that references external data.
  • Priority - A value used to determine the importance and/or severity of a problem.
  • Type - Used to categorize service work by type.
  • Reference No. - A general purpose field that is useful for tracking any additional information you'd like.
  • PO No. - Used to identify the Purchase Order number for the job.

Custom Fields

You can add unlimited custom fields to Work Orders.

Custom Field Types

  • Text - a general purpose data field that accepts any type of data (letters, numbers, special characters, etc).
  • List - a value-list field that allows you to specify a list of values from which users must pick.
  • Data - a date field that generates a date picker control for users to pick from.
  • Number - a data field that only accepts valid numeric values.
  • Yes/No - a data field that generates a checkbox control on the screen. Used for true/false values.

Assignment Options

You can choose to have a single assignment/assignee on work orders or multiple assignments/assignees on work orders. For multiple assignments check 'Allow Work Order Assignments to Have More Than One Assignee'.

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