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How to create new items

Create New Items

To create a new Item, click the appropriate "New" button (based on what type of item you want to create) above the list on the right. 

The following fields are the most used fields for items:

Name/NO. - This is the main identifier for the item. It may contain letters or numbers, but it must be unique among all the items in your list.

Description - This is a primary description of the item and should be relatively short and succinct.

Price - This is what you will charge your customer for each unit sold. For labor, this would be the hourly rate.

Cost - This is your unit cost per each item sold. Profitability reports will be calculated based on these numbers. If you don't plan to track profitability in BlueFolder, you can ignore this field.

Notes - Additional details that describe the item. These notes only appear in the item list, nowhere else.

Flat Rate - Some items are not priced based on quantity. Use this option for those items which should be the same price, regardless of the quantity used.

Account Name - This field is used when integrating with QuickBooks. The value entered here should match the QuickBooks account that you want this item to be associated with when exporting your billing data to QuickBooks.

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