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Tracking Recurring Work Orders

Does your company perform recurring jobs for your customers or your internal organization? Perhaps it's a preventive maintenance plan for some equipment/asset, or a monthly service appointment, or even a one-time future event that you want to be sure not to forget. BlueFolder has built-in capability for tracking recurring jobs (not available in all price plans).

A recurring work order is simply a work order that gets automatically created on a specified schedule, pre-populated with information provided by you. You can create as many recurring work orders as you like and BlueFolder will keep track of them all.

Creating a recurring work order:

  1. Click the New Recurring Work Order link in the dropdown menu of the Work Orders tab.
  2. Specify a name for the recurring work order, such as "Weekly Preventive Maintenace".
  3. Specify the schedule you'd like the work order to repeat on.
  4. Enter the Work Order Details you'd like to pre-populate into the newly created work order each time the recurring job runs.
  5. Click Save and you're done.
  6. From the Recurring Work Order List, you can see the newly created recurring job and it's current status, along with the last time it ran and it's "Next Run Date". At the specified date/time, BlueFolder will automatically create the new work order as specified. Your employees and customers can even be automatically notified, just as they are with manually created work orders.
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