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Personal Dashboard

The personal dashboard is designed to give you quick access to your schedule and the work that is assigned to you. The personal dashboard contains the following sections:


The list will always be positioned at the top of the page and only appears when your company administrator has entered one or more announcements.

My Schedule

This list shows your appointments for today and tomorrow. The Print Schedule link allows you to quickly print your itinerary for the day, complete with maps to customer sites. The links on the upper right corner allow you to customize the view. The 1 day link will display only today, while the 2 day link will display today and tomorrow.

My Open Work Orders

This list shows the work that is assigned to you. The list is customizable by clicking the Customize link on the upper right corner of the list. You can customize the columns and the number of items to display in the list. The list provides quick links to be able to complete your work and manage the work orders assigned to you.

Mini Calendar

On the right side of the screen, the monthly calendar box provides quick access to your personal calendar. Just click a date to go to the daily calendar for that date. From there, you can choose to view the calendar for that week or month, as well as using the arrows on the mini calendar to navigate to previous/future months.


The search box on the right side of the screen provides quick access to customers and work orders. When searching work orders, you can enter a work order number and you will be taken directly to the Work Order Overview.

Customizing the Layout

Using the up and down arrows on the upper right corner of each list, you can shuffle the order. The only exception to this is the Announcements section, which is in a fixed position.

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