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Reports Overview

A variety of built-in reports give you quick access to key data like service billings, profitability, labor, expenses, and more.  Reports can be run for individual customers, globally for all customers, and Custom Reports can be created as well.

To view reports for specific customers, navigate to the customers record and then to the Reports tab. Global reports for all customers can be found on the Reports tab.

All reports are generated dynamically, so every time you run a report you are seeing the latest data. Each report launches in a new window. Many reports allow you to filter the data by date. The date defaults to Today. If you change the date range, be sure to click the 'Run Report' button to refresh the data.

If your reporting needs are more extensive than the provided reports, Custom Reports can be created using the custom report wizard.

Learn more about custom reports »

Tip: If there are reports that you access frequently, you can save the report by clicking the 'Add Report to Bookmarks' link. To access your 'Bookmarks List' click the Bookmark tab.

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