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Viewing and Searching the Work Order List

The Work Order List provides multiple ways to organize, filter, and search your work orders. The Work Order List can be found by clicking on the Work Order tab in the main navigation tab bar at the top of the screen.

Filter by View

BlueFolder includes many views that allow you to quickly and easily manage your work orders. Some views are restricted based on a user's roles and permissions. For example, a scheduler would have access to all views, whereas a technician may only have access to work orders to which he/she is assigned.

The views include:

  • All Work Orders
  • All - Assigned & Not Complete 
  • All - Not Assigned
  • All - Incoming from Email/Portal
  • Assigned to Me - Not Complete
  • Assigned to Me - Complete
  • Assigned to Me - All
  • Related to Me - this view displays all work orders in which you are related to

Filter by Status

You can also filter the work order list by status. Use the Status drop-down list to choose which subset of items to display in the list. The list of status values is automatically customized to match the status values you have defined for your BlueFolder account.

Filter by Scheduled For

The Scheduled For field allows you to view work orders that have assignments that are scheduled for the following time periods:

  • Anytime
  • Past
  • Today or Older
  • Today Only
  • Tomorrow
  • Unscheduled

Filter by Due Date

If you have activated the built-in Due Date field, you can view work orders by when they are due.

Filter values include:

  • Anytime
  • Past Due
  • Due Today
  • Due Tomorrow

Customize the Work Order List

To customize the work order list, click the Customize link found in the upper right-hand corner of the list. You can customize which columns will appear in your work order list, including any custom fields you've added to your account. You can also specify how many work orders to display per page when viewing the list.

Search Modes

  • Simple Search - allows you to enter keywords in the 'Search for...' field and search the list for work orders containing those keywords.
  • Advanced Search - allows you to choose a specific column in the work order list to search by (e.g. search the 'Customer' column for 'ABC Company').

Sorting the List

The default sort-order for the list is by work order ID/number, from newest to oldest. You may click any column header to sort by that column's data. Click the column once to sort in ascending order. Click a column a second time to sort in descending order.

Quick Action Icons

Located in the far right column on each row in the work order list is a menu icon which brings up a menu of actions.

The following actions are available:

  • Change Status
  • Add Comment
  • Assign
  • Add Item (Labor, Materials, or Expenses)
  • Print
  • Email Customer
  • Clone
  • Edit
  • Delete
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