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The Profile section of the Personal Settings contains several tools for managing your own user account.

Edit Profile

Enter and edit your personal contact information and preferences here. If you want to receive alerts via email and/or text messaging, be very sure you enter the correct addresses.

Change Password

Update your own password in this section. If you are an administrator and need to change another user's password, go to the Users & Permissions section and choose Users, then edit that user's profile.


You can set your own alert preferences here. Alerts will be sent to the email and/or text messaging addresses you entered in the Profile section.

Start Page

You can specify which of the main navigation tabs you would like to be your Start Page when you login to BlueFolder.

Calendar Sync

If you use Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple iCal, or another program that supports the iCalendar format, you can subscribe to your BlueFolder calendar using the address found in Settings > Personal Settings > Calendar Sync. Your calendar program will be able to download and display your calendar events from BlueFolder, but you won't be able to create new BlueFolder appointments from your calendar program. To learn more about the iCalendar format, visit the iCalendar Wikipedia page .

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