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Customize Your Equipment/Assets

BlueFolder has built-in support for tracking equipment owned by your customers. You can customize the fields that are part of equipment records.

Customizable Built-In Fields

The following fields can be customized:

  • Equipment Type - A list field that is used to categorize equipment by type.
  • External Id - A text field that can be used to assign an Id that references external data.

Custom Fields

You can add unlimited custom fields to equipment records.

Custom Field Data Types

  • Text - a general purpose data field that accepts any type of data (letters, numbers, special characters, etc).
  • List - a value-list field that allows you to specify a list of values from which users must pick.
  • Data - a date field that generates a date picker control for users to pick from.
  • Number - a data field that only accepts valid numeric values.
  • Yes/No - a data field that generates a checkbox control on the screen. Used for true/false values.
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