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User Roles, Permissions, & Groups

Each of your employees who needs access to BlueFolder will require a user account. Users are governed by Roles & Permissions.


User permissions are controlled by roles. The following roles exist in BlueFolder:

  • Administrator - can perform all functions in BlueFolder with no limitations
  • Bookkeeper - similar to an Administrator, but with less access to account settings
  • Scheduler - access to full scheduling functionality and some billing functions
  • Sales - access to customer management functionality and some service activities
  • Service Manager - similar to an Administrator, but less access to account settings and billing 
  • Lead Technician - like a Technician but with the ability to add/edit time & materials on behalf of other users
  • Technician - limited access that is restricted to things like adding time/materials, changing status, etc.
  • Subcontractor - more limited than a Technician, useful for non-employee users

If desired, the roles can be renamed to better suit your business.


Permissions for the Lead Technician, Technician, and Subcontractor roles are largely customizable. Permissions for the other roles are built-in to BlueFolder and not customizable.


Groups are a useful way to categorize users. Users can be assigned to groups in any combination you like and each user can belong to multiple groups. For example, if you have Technicians working multiple shifts, you could create a group for the 'First Shift Techs' and another group for the 'Second Shift Techs'. Groups can be used to filter team scheduling views and for sending notifications to a whole group of users at once.

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