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How to Track Scheduled Maintenance for Equipment

BlueFolder allows you to track scheduled maintenance for equipment.

Set the 'Next Service Date' on an equipment record and BlueFolder will notify you when the date draws near. You can launch a new work order for that piece of equipment with a single-click. When creating a work order for an equipment item BlueFolder will prompt you to reset the item's 'Next Service Date.'

To set the next service date for an equipment item:

  1. Locate the field Next Service Date on the Equipment record and click the date picker 
  2. Choose the date of next service 
  3. Select the Service Interval example: '1 Months' is once a month. '2 Years' is every two-years. 
  4. Click Save 

To view equipment due for service from the Equipment tab:

  1. Navigate to the Equipment tab
  2. On the 'View' drop down choose the interval '10 Days', '30 Days', '60 Days', '90 Days', or 'Past Due for Service'.  The list will display all equipment due for service based on the interval selected.

To view equipment due for service Service Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard tab and choose the Service Dashboard if not already displayed. 
  2. Under the Past Due heading, equipment who's next service date has past will be displayed by the number of equipment items Past Due and a link to the Equipment List. The Equipment List will be filtered to show all equipment items past due for service. 

To create a work order for an equipment item and quickly reset the next service date:

  1. Click the New Work Order button.
  2. The Next Service Date can be edited if desired. 
  3. Enter the Work Order details and click Save to schedule a visit later or Save and Assign to create a scheduled assignment.
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