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How to Import Equipment/Assets Items

You can import a list of equipment items from a tab or comma-delimited file (csv).

To import equipment items:

  1. From the Equipment tab in the main navigation bar, select Import Equipment Items.
  2. Click the Choose File button and select the file containing the equipment records you'd like to import.
  3. Specify whether the file being imported is tab or comma-delimited and whether the first row in the file contains column headers or not.
  4. Click the Continue to Step 2 button at the top of the page.
  5. A preview of your import file will be displayed. At the top of each column, specify the equipment field header that matches the data in that column. For columns that should not be imported, select "<skip>".
  6. Once you've matched all the column headers to the correct column, click Import Now.
  7. After importing the file, the import results will be displayed along with the number of successfully imported records. Errors, if any, that occurred during the import will be displayed as well.
  8. If your equipment items didn't import as expected, you can undo the import and try again by clicking 'Undo Import and Try Again' at the top of the window.

WARNING! The undo button is only available on this page, so don't close the import window until you are sure your records imported successfully.

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