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Release Notes - 2011-09-26

What's New in BlueFolder Mobile

  • Redesigned user interface ensures maximum productivity for your field techs.
  • Customer records are more complete than the previous mobile edition, with support for custom fields, service history, comments, and more.
  • Service Requests are also more complete, with near feature parity with the main BlueFolder web app.
  • Equipment records can now be accessed.
    Creating new Service Requests is much more detailed, with the ability to choose customer, contact, location, and custom fields.
  • The Service Request list is more robust, with more views than before and a much easier to use interface.
  • Instead of showing your full list of assigned Service Requests, the updated Dashboard now includes a summarized list of how many Service Requests are assigned to you. The full list can be found by tapping on the item count from the dashboard.
  • The Dashboard also contains a list of links to your most recently accessed items, making it easy to go back to something you were recently working on.
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