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Release Notes - 2014-08-01

What's New

  • Added ability to edit primary contact and location when editing a customer.
  • Added ability to specify which built-in customer fields should be required.
  • Added a dropdown picklist for State.
  • Added a dropdown picklist for Country.
  • Added ability to specify which built-in service request fields should be required.
  • The service request "Overview" tab in the Customer Portal now shows recent log entries, not just recent comments.
  • The service request list in the mobile web app has improved filtering.
  • Expanded "New Contact" pop-up form to support more fields.
  • Added new permission that controls if users can edit their own user profile.
  • Updated dashboard in mobile web app to add a new count for showing all of a user's assignments, not just the "current" ones.
  • Updated the service request list in the mobile web app to make it possible to see all filters that are applied.
  • Added link in custom reports to common objects such as customers, service requests, etc.


  • Fixed bug in signature capture while using Windows Phone 8.
  • Fixed incorrect redirect after user resets their password.
  • Fixed problem when searching comments and notes with a status filter.
  • Fixed problem with labor entry calculation when currency is set to Euro.
  • Some service request log entries showing HTML tags in customer portal.
  • Fixed duplicate notifications from the mobile web app when a status is changed automatically by the system.
  • Fixed user field when adding labor to default to the assignee.
  • Fixed misc issues with notifications.
  • Editing a ticket generates a log entry that includes what was edited, but also often says that the customer location was changed when it wasn't.
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