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Release Notes - 2013-03-22

What's New

  • Enhanced the API function for retrieving a list of service requests to include filtering return results by date. You can now include a element in your request XML to filter by either "dateTimeCreated" or "dateTimeClosed". Use of this new filter when retrieving a list of service requests can dramatically reduce the quantity of results returned, thus making your custom code more efficient and faster. For more details about how to use this new filter, see the updated API documentation at http://app.bluefolder.com/api/2.0/docs/serviceRequests.aspx.


  • API Change - Fixed inconsistent "billingStatus" values for non-billable items within a Service Request. Specifically, non-billable items didn't always have consistent values in the "billingStatus" field. From this point forward, all non-billable items will have a "billingStatus" value of "non-billable". When adding or editing service request labor, materials, or expense items via the API, the system will temporarily still support values of "none" and "notBillable" for the "billingStatus" field - those values will be converted to "non-billable" before being stored in our database. If you have written custom code that uses the API and queries the "billingStatus" field, you may need to modify your code accordingly.
  • Fixed problem with adding non-billable labor from the mobile web app.
  • Fixed issues with form validation messages not being displayed after submitting a form in the mobile web app.
  • Fixed an issue where the "externalId" field could not be modified via the API. When trying to edit the "externalId" field for a customer, service request, or equipment item via the API, you must specify the primary identifier also (e.g. the "customerId" field is the primary identifier for customer records).
  • Fixed bug that caused delayed error message when trying to complete an assignment in the mobile web application.
  • Fixed issue where certain user types couldn't create appointments from the calendar, even if they had the right permissions.
  • Fixed bug in portal that caused problem when trying to filter by a status value with an ampersand in it.
  • Fixed issue where DisplayName of an associated portal user was not being updated when the customer contact was changed.
  • Fixed issue with slow page load when trying to view a printable document (e.g. Billing Summary).
  • Hide the "Device Details" field if the equipment item isn't linked to a device in PT-RMM.
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