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Release Notes - 2014-09-07

What's New

  • Now using SSL all the time, for all accounts.
  • Allow "Completed" and "Cancelled" recurring service requests to be edited (and thus re-activated).
  • Enhanced log entry when a service request is added to a billing batch to include the batch invoice date and the target billing system the batch was created for.
  • Added ability to set the customer's bill to information when adding or editing a customer via the API.
  • Improved informational messages to include more detail when transferring billing batches to QuickBooks Online.
  • Improved iCal notifications so that they automatically "update" a previously added appointment on a user's calendar.


  • Removed HTML tags from incoming emails when email has no plain-text body but does have an HTML body.
  • Fixed an error where a billing batch would not transfer if an item had a space on the end of the name.
  • Display error message when a user tries to add a new custom report with the same name as an existing report.
  • Fixed issue that was causing some assignments not to be included in list of assignments.
  • Fixed QuickBooks Online transfer error that occurred when a customer record has a parent customer.
  • Updated assignment completion dialog to correctly default labor duration to the assignment's duration.
  • Fixed transfer of sub-items (items with a parent item) to QuickBooks Online.
  • Added a fix to transfer multiple service requests on a single invoice correctly when the "Single invoice per customer" billing option is selected.
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