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Customize Customer Notifications

BlueFolder has the ability to send email notifications to your customers when key service activities are performed on their behalf. You can specify the default ways in which BlueFolder will handle customer notifications.

Notification Events/Triggers

The following activities/events trigger customer notifications:

  • A Work Order is created
  • A Work Order is closed
  • A Work Order's status is changed
  • A Work Order is reopened
  • A Comment is added to a Work Order
  • An Assignment is created or modified for a Work Order
  • An Appointment is created or modified

Outgoing Email Address

You can specify what email address customer notifications should be sent from. If you don't specify an address, customer notifications will be sent from "notifications@alias.bluefolder.com". Click the link to learn more - Outgoing Email: Sending notifications to your customers

Notification Options

You can also specify whether or not customer notifications should include a URL which the customer can use to view the Work Order's status in the Basic Customer Portal.


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