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Outgoing Email: Sending Notifications to Your Customers

You can configure the options for how your customers will be notified of events related to their Work Orders under Settings > Email > Customer Notifications. Each of the options can be overridden on a per customer basis by going to the customer record and editing the Notification Preferences for the customer.

The following events can trigger customer notifications:

  • Work Order is Created
  • Work Order has a Status Change (not including status of ‘Closed’)
  • Work Order is Closed
  • Work Order is Reopened
  • Public Comment is Added to a Work Order
  • Work Order Assignment is Created
  • Work Order Assignment is Changed
    *Note that "Assignment Changed" notifications are only sent to customers when changes are made to the Assignment's schedule or assignees.
  • Work Order Assignment is Deleted
  • Work Order Assignment is Completed
  • Customer Appointment is Created
  • Customer Appointment is Changed
  • Customer Appointment is Deleted
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