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Release Notes - 2015-03-18

What's New

  • Added ability to restrict users to specific labor rates. Allows admins and business owners to have better control over what labor rates their employees can see and use when recording labor activities.
  • When reopening a work order via the customer portal, the user is now asked "Are you sure you want to reopen this work order?".
  • Equipment import has been enhanced to support updating existing equipment records by including the "Equip. Id" column in the import file. This facilitates mass updates to existing records by first exporting equipment records then modifying those records in an app like Microsoft Excel, then re-importing those records back into BlueFolder. Also added support for importing values into the "External Id" field on equipment records.
  • Reorganized email settings for improved usability.
  • Launch of BlueFolder Support Center at support.bluefolder.com.


  • Fixed error when transferring billing batch to QuickBooks Online and line item quantity x unitPrice doesn't match the amount being billed for that line item.
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