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Release Notes - 2012-10-15

What's New

  • Mobile web application now allows user to enter labor on behalf of other users (with appropriate permissions).
  • Added ability to specify "Bill To" options when creating a new Ticket.
  • Added more advanced integration with PacketTrap RMM.
  • Increased length of email field for customer contacts.
  • API: Added "serviceRequestToken" to "serviceRequests/get" function.
  • [Internal] Removed "Cancel Account" functionality from "Settings".
  • Added new username validation rules - enforces 3-254 characters and only allows certain special characters.
  • [Internal] Updated Salesforce sync to update last login date and activity scores.

Bug Fixes

  • Detailed Description getting truncated on print-outs. Also, the text should be part of the "Service Notes" box and shouldn't have a label before the text.
  • "Reference No" always has a blank value in customer portal.
  • Error when selecting new item via "Search" when adding new labor, materials, or expense item to a Ticket while using Safari on iOS 6.
  • Creating new Ticket from mobile as user who doesn't have "Change Status" permission results in Ticket with no status.
  • Portal users showing up in user picklists in mobile web app.
  • "Posted" date not displaying as localized for announcements.
  • Error when creating announcement for only selected users or groups.
  • Error occurs when creating an announcement for specific users/groups.
  • Fix erroneous instructions in help files for exporting customer data from QB.
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