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Release Notes - 2012-08-17

What's New

  • API Enhancements
    • New function for getting Customer custom field details
    • New function for getting Equipment custom field details
    • New function for getting Ticket custom field details
    • New function for adding a user
    • New function for editing a user
    • New function for getting a single user by userId
  • New, non-public API functions for PT MSP integration
  • Improved iCal feed to include Ticket # and Customer Name in appointment description for scheduled assignments
  • When completing an assignment, the "Who" field for new labor entries now defaults to the assignee instead of the logged in user
  • The "Add Comment to Ticket" dialog now hides the "Notify customer" checkbox if the comment is not marked as "Public"
  • Files can now be uploaded via the mobile web app
  • Improved security for file attachments

Bug Fixes

  • Improved confusing error when logo upload fails
  • Fixed error that occurred sometimes when search Ticket comments and notes
  • Fixed issue that prevented user from canceling out of "New Location" screen
  • Fixed issue with saving a new timezone selection for certain timezones
  • Fixed error that appeared when trying to create a custom report using the Equipment dataset and 1 or more custom fields
  • Fixed an error when trying to edit recurring appointments
  • Fixed an error that appeared when trying to view a custom report if account is a Trial account and located in non-US
  • Fixed issue where drop down list for duration minutes appeared incorrectly if minutes were previously saved as "18"
  • Fixed issue that prevented correct save after editing the default "Other Related People" list in Settings > Customize > Tickets
  • Fixed issue with date pickets when adding multiple labor entries while completing an assignment
  • Fixed bad redirect after deleting an appointment - now redirects back to Calendar tab instead of Dashboard
  • Fixed error that appeared when exporting certain datasets
  • Fixed mobile web app Ticket list to show priority labels instead of priority numeric values
  • Fixed issue where assignment comments were not marked as private
  • Fixed 404 error when clicking the Cancel button when trying to edit an office location in Settings


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