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Release Notes - 2014-11-11


  • Added validation to API to reject non-valid billingStatus values for SR items (only accept "billable", "non-billable", "contract")
  • Fixed issue with searching comments and notes breaking when you are on a page greater than 1 and use the advanced options to filter to a result set that wouldn't have more than one page of search results.
  • Logo states that it must be a JPEG or GIF under the upload box but it also accepts PNG images.
  • Fixed duplicate labor entries being added in some cases.
  • Fixed Complete Assignment date bug.
  • Fixed problem that sometimes occurs when filtering calendar by user group.
  • Fixed problem with customer portal displaying "assigned to" in service request list when account is setup to not show the assigned to information on individual service requests.
  • Reports and graphs sometimes not displaying service requests in the proper month due to Daylight Savings Time conversion.
  • Fixed issue where the "Appointments by date" report doesn't always include things that span multiple days.
  • Fixed problem where custom report cannot filter by a custom field by a string value using equals.
  • Fixed issue with service request source icons not always being displayed in customer portal service request list.
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