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How to Export Item Data from QuickBooks

Below is a summary of the steps to follow when exporting item records from QuickBooks. Please note that these steps may by slightly different depending on the version of QuickBooks that you are using.

Launch QuickBooks and open the company file that contains the item records you want to export.

  1. Go to the item list
  2. Click on the Reports drop-down (at the bottom left) and select Item Listing
  3. Click Modify Report
  4. In the Display tab, select the columns you wish to import
  5. In the Filters tab, select Type and then the type of Items you wish to import (Labor, Materials, or Expenses)
  6. Click OK
  7. Click Export and use the default csv format
  8. Click Export
  9. Select a folder and give the export file a name (e.g. QB-Items.csv) and click Save. Your are now done with the export and may exit QuickBooks - your file is ready for import into BlueFolder.

You can save your reports in QuickBooks so you can easily update BlueFolder when you add to or change your Items.

  • Create the Report with the Display and Filters set as you'd like.
  • Click Memorize
  • Name the report (e.g., "BlueFolder Materials")
  • Make the report part of a subcategory if you wish
  • You'll be able to access this report in the future by clicking the Memorized link on the main Reports page

Importing Item data into BlueFolder

Once you have an created an export file, you are ready to import these into BlueFolder. Go to Settings > Item List > Import Items. From there, you will need to specify the file that you want to import and will be guided through the process.

See Importing Item Information »

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