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How to Import Customer Information

You can import customer records form virtually any source that can export a file into a standard format - either comma (.csv) or tab-delimited. These include Outlook, QuickBooks, Excel, and many other applications. It is very easy to import customer data from both Outlook or QuickBooks. It is a 2-step process of exporting the records from either of these applications and then importing them into BlueFolder. The Customer Import function is available by going to Settings > Import/Export > Import.

You can import files in 2 formats:

  • Comma-Delimited (.csv)
  • Tab-Delimited (.txt)

If you don't know what to choose, start with comma-delimited and click Continue to preview the data. If it looks wrong, return to step 1 and try tab-delimited instead. You must also specify whether the first row of your file contains column headers or data.

At the end of the Import process, you may 'undo' that import in the event that you do not get the results you desire.

If you import updated customer files and have related open Work Orders, you must re-select the appropriate customer for open Work Orders in order to see the updates reflected for that Work Order.

* If you plan on using custom fields and want to import data into those fields, you'll want to create those fields first. Refer to this document.

** If you plan on using some of the "Customizable Built in Fields" for your customers such as "Customer Type," it's a good idea to create the values prior to importing your customer list.

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