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Saving a Customer's Signature on a Work Order

When completing a work order in the field, it is often beneficial to capture a signature from your customer that indicates their acceptance of the completed work. BlueFolder offers a built-in signature capture feature that makes this process easy and efficient. A signature can be "captured" on a printed work order form, then saved as a PDF file and attached to the related work order.

To capture a customer signature:

  1. While viewing a work order, click the button with the printer icon (located on the upper right of the work order screen).
  2. In the Print Work Order pop-up window, select the document you want signed by your customer. (Note: not all printed forms support signature capture)
  3. If the print document you selected supports signature capture, the Show Signature Block checkbox will be enabled. Check that box and then click the Continue button.
  4. The next page will display the print-preview for the printed work order form that you selected. If signature capture was selected and is available on the form being displayed, the Sign button will be displayed. Click the Sign button.
  5. After clicking the Sign button, a Sign Document box will appear with a place for your customer to sign their name. If using a smartphone or tablet, your customer can sign their name using their finger, directly on your device's screen.
  6. Once a signature has been entered, click the Submit Signature to save the signature.
  7. A saved work order document with a signature will be accessible as a PDF file attachment on the work order. You may also email the signed work order document directly to the customer by pressing the Email button at the top of the printed document.
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