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Your BlueFolder Email Address - What it's for and How to Customize it

BlueFolder supports communication via email. Outgoing email notifications can be sent to your users and your customers when certain events happen in your account. BlueFolder also handles incoming email sent to your account's email address. Incoming email is either converted into a new work order or processed as an update to an existing work order.

Your BlueFolder Email Address

Your BlueFolder account includes a built-in email address that is used for all incoming and outgoing emails to and from your account. Your account's email address can be found in Settings > Email > Email Address.

By default, your email address looks like:


This email address is used as the "from-address" and the "reply-to-address" for all outgoing email from your account. It is also used as the incoming email address to which you can send emails in order to create new work orders, or update existing work orders (learn more).

You can customize the email address by selecting the Custom Address option on the email address settings page (Settings > Email > Email Address).


Configuring Your Custom Address

If you do enter a custom email address, you'll need to use an address from your own domain name such as "support@mydomain.com", and then you need to configure that address to forward to the default BlueFolder email address for your account (notifications@your-account.bluefolder.com). You'll also want to follow our guide on Setting up an SPF record for your domain.

We strongly discourage using a customer address from a third-party provider such as aol.com, gmail.com, outlook.com, or yahoo.com because you will be unable to set up an SPF record for those domains and it is likely that outgoing emails from your BlueFolder account will be rejected as SPAM by recipient's email servers.

Email "From Name"

For outgoing email, you can also specify the "From Name" that will be used in the outgoing email. This is the name that appears in the recipients email application alongside the email address. There are a couple of preset from-name options, or you can enter a custom name. You can specify separate from-names for email going to your employees vs emails going to your customers. For example, you might want emails going to your employees to be from "BlueFolder" and emails going to your customers to be from "Your Company Name".


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