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Troubleshooting Notifications

When notifications do not seem to work as expected, it is often caused by a simple setting that needs to be modified.

Common problems with notifications:

  • Incorrect email address - Check the email address of the user expecting to receive the notification and make it is correct.
  • User performed the action themself - By default, a user will NOT be notified of actions that they themselves perform in BlueFolder.
    • If editing your own user profile, check the setting entitled Notify me of actions that I perform.
    • When editing someone else's user profile, check the setting entitled Notify this user of actions that they perform.
  • Incorrect notification preferences - Check the user's notification preferences to be sure that the event they expected to be notified is turned on in their preferences.
    • If editing your own user profile, go to Settings > My Settings > Notification Preferences.
    • If editing someone else's profile, go to Settings > Manage Users > Select the user > Notification Preferences.
  • Multiple BlueFolder Accounts - For customers with multiple BlueFolder accounts, please make sure that the account that triggered the notification is the same account for which you expected the notification.


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