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Learn to Navigate BlueFolder

First things first, what information does BlueFolder house? BlueFolder is a service management software application, so it’s primary features revolve around managing Work Orders (scheduling, assigning, etc). You can certainly use BlueFolder to track many other aspects of your business as well, but the work order is the heart of the application where all your data converges.

It's important to envision how you'd use this tool to streamline your business, so your account is pre-loaded with sample data to get you started. You can easily see how all the data you'll eventually input (customers, items, contracts, equipment, users) comes into play, but feel free to experiment and create your own data at any time. We suggest you spend about 10 minutes clicking around your account and reviewing the items below.

Review the 'Work Orders' tab
Spend a little time on the Work Order tab, check out the layout and see what filters are available for your Work Order lists.


View a sample Work Order

Notice all the pieces of information that are seen on this page, Customers, Location, Status, Assigned to, Description, Equipment, Recent Log, etc.


Click into the other tabs (Items, Billing, Attachments, Log). Think of how helpful it would be to have all this info readily available.


Click through the other tabs
See what other information BlueFolder will manage and track for you - Customers, Billing, Equipment, Contracts, Customized Reports. Click through these tabs just to get an understanding of what the software looks like and how easy it is to navigate.


Review the 'Settings' tab

See what kinds of things you can manage and how you can personalize and customize your BlueFolder account.


What's Next?

Now that you've acquainted yourself a little bit with BlueFolder it's time to start personalizing your trial account by entering some of your own data and give the software a test drive.


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