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Release Notes - 2015-05-11

This update includes enhancements to Service Request custom fields, customer notification emails and other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

What's New

  • Service Request custom fields can now be marked as 'Public', thus enabling them to appear in the customer portal and in customer email notifications. Fields not marked as 'Public' will now be excluded from customer email notifications and from the customer portal.
  • When performing certain actions that may trigger a customer notification email, a user will now have the option to select a checkbox (usually located at the bottom of the form/page) that controls whether a customer notification email will be sent for the action being performed. These checkboxes are not visible by default, but can be enabled in Settings > Email > Customer Notifications. Once enabled, the visibility of the checkboxes can also be controlled by role permission settings (located on the same settings page just mentioned). When the checkboxes are disabled, or are not visible to a user because of limited permissions, a textual indicator will appear in it's place. The text that appears indicates if the action being performed will result in a customer notification email being sent or not.
  • The item list found in Settings > Item List has been enhanced to include the following new columns: Price, Cost, Taxable, Flat Rate, and Account Name.
  • Added new "notifyCustomer" parameter to appointment-related API functions. See API docs for more details.

Bug Fixes

  • When creating a new customer from the new work order page, the "Additional Information" section appears on the new customer form, even if all the fields within that section are disabled.
  • The text that appears in log entries for assignments is poorly formatted when the assignment is unscheduled.
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