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QuickBooks Online Integration Overview

Increase efficiency, eliminate duplicate-entry, and get paid faster. BlueFolder communicates with your QuickBooks Online account to create invoices with all of the detail from your BlueFolder work order, while automatically creating new customers and items if they don't already exist in your QuickBooks Online account. Here's a brief overview of how BlueFolder works with QuickBooks Online, and how you can set-up integration between the two.

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Communication with QuickBooks Online

BlueFolder will make a live connection with your QuickBooks Online account to "push" information from BlueFolder to QuickBooks Online, eliminating the time-consuming process of data re-entry.

Set-up QuickBooks Online Integration

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your QuickBooks Online account
  2. Open a new browser tab and login to your BlueFolder account
  3. Navigate to the 'Billing' tab within BlueFolder
  4. Click on Configure Billing Integration
  5. Under the Billing Settings, you'll see Billing System. Select QuickBooks Online. Once you've selected this option BlueFolder will alert you that you are not currently connected to QuickBooks online. Click the Connect to QuickBooks button, and the integration wizard will be launched.
  6. QuickBooks will ask us if we would like to authorize this integration, click Authorize.
  7. Once QuickBooks Online has been integrated with your BlueFolder account you will see green checkmarks under the Billing Settings and Billing System identifying that QuickBooks Online is connected.


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