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Release Notes - 2015-08-19

This update includes improved QuickBooks Online integration, enhanced user account security, improvements to calendar integration and the customer portal, along with a few other minor enhancements. A number of bug fixes are also included.

What's New

QuickBooks Online Integration Improvements

  • Taxes for International QuickBooks Users
    Big news for our international customers! We now support invoice taxes for QuickBooks Online Australia, Canada, and UK. When transferring a Billing Batch to QB Online, the tax specified on your BlueFolder Work Orders will now be properly added to the QB Invoice. Please note that you will first need to be sure that your BlueFolder tax codes match your QB tax rates, and that you properly set the new BlueFolder billing option entitled "Non-Taxable Tax Rate" found in Settings > General > Billing.
  • Invoice Terms for QuickBooks Invoices
    Another exciting enhancement that is often requested is setting invoice terms. We're pleased to announce that BlueFolder will now properly set the "Terms" on invoices when transferring a Billing Batch. If the customer for an invoice has a default term specified in QB Online, BlueFolder will use that value. Otherwise, BlueFolder will use the global default terms specified in your QB Online settings.
  • Auto-create Tax Codes in QuickBooks
    For our US customers, BlueFolder will now automatically add your BlueFolder tax codes to your QB Online account when transferring a Billing Batch.
  • PO Number for QuickBooks Invoices
    Another valuable enhancement for many of our customers is that we are now able to transfer PO Numbers to QB Online invoices. Because QB Online doesn't have a built-in PO Number field on invoices, you must create a custom field in your QB Online account entitled "PO Number" (or "PO #", or "P.O. Number"). If that field exists in your QB Online account, BlueFolder will find it and populate it with the appropriate data when transferring a Billing Batch to QB Online.

User Account Security Improvements

  • Passwords can no longer be entered when adding a new user to your BlueFolder account. Instead, when a new user is added to your account, an email is sent to that user with a secure, temporary link to an account activation page where that user can activate their account and set their own password.
  • Account administrators can no longer change a user's password. Instead, the administrator can send the user a password reset email with a secure, temporary link to a password reset page where the user can specify a new password for themselves.
  • All user-related email notifications have been modified to prevent new or modified passwords from being displayed.

Customer Portal Enhancements

  • An additional customer portal option, called "Web Requests" has been added. This optional feature provides an easy to use web form that your customers can use to submit new Work Orders without having to login to the customer portal. This new feature can be found in Settings > Customer Portal > Web Requests.
  • New Work Orders created via the customer portal are now automatically assigned to the default technician for the associated customer/location.

Calendar Integration Improvements

  • Calendar integration has been improved for users who depend on the .ics file attachments that are included in Work Order Assignment email notifications. The "subject" on those email notifications has been modified so that the calendar events being added to your calendar have better descriptions, making it easier to quickly see basic Work Order information in your calendar.

Other Improvements

  • Added "Technician" and "Service Manager" columns to the Customer Locations list that is found in a customer's Locations tab.
  • Callbacks/Webhooks have been enhanced to support two additional events, namely "Work Order Created" and "Work Order Status Changed". These two events provide much more flexibility when using callbacks to integrate with third party applications.
  • Added "Labor Hours" summary on bottom of "Billing" tab within a Work Order. This summary information shows how many billable and non-billable hours have been added to the Work Order.

Bug Fixes

  • If an account has disabled the fields "Service Manager" or "Account Manager" on Work Orders but not on Customers, those fields are still getting set on new Work Orders.
  • If a portal user creates a new Work Order, that user is added to the Work Order as a "related user".
  • When creating or editing Work Orders, customer names can appear multiple times in the customer dropdown list if the logged-in user's permissions disallow viewing the full customer list.
  • Modify algorithm for matching incoming email replies to a user. If multiple users have the same email address and one (or more) of those users is inactive, make sure the active user match is preferred over the inactive one.
  • If a contact only has a mobile phone number with no main number, a comma is displayed in front of the mobile number on the Work Order.
  • Numeric custom fields don't allow decimal or negative values.
  • Favicon not working properly for main and mobile web apps.
  • Custom fields aren't displayed in the correct order (as specified in settings) when creating/editing a Recurring Work Order.
  • Default date when viewing team calendar is in the past for Australian customers.
  • Line breaks are missing when viewing the original email that spawned a Work Order.
  • Items added to QuickBooks Online are being put in the "Other Income" account, even when a different account name is specified in BlueFolder.
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