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Create a New Customer

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  1. Click on the Customers tab in the main navigation bar.
  2. Click on the New Customer button.
  3. Enter the Customer Name.
  4. Enter the Contact details.
  5. Enter the Primary Location for the customer (FYI, if most of your customers are in a specific City, State, Country you can setup defaults by completing the following steps, Settings > General Settings > Customers > Default Values for new Customer.)
  6. Specify the Billing Information, a Tax Code, and a Labor Rate.
  7. Select your Notification Preferences for this customer. You can customize the notification settings by selecting Use Custom Settings.
  8. Click Save.

Important Customer Fields

Customer Name: Must be unique among all your customer records.

Status: Customer Status can be either 'Active' or 'Inactive'. If you set the status to 'Inactive', the customer record will not show up in default views of the Customer List and Contact List. Inactive customers will also be removed from dropdown lists when creating new Work Orders, Contracts, etc.

Account Manager: An optional field that indicates the salesperson responsible for this customer account. If you use this field, the customer will appear under the assigned users My Customers view.

Customer Type: A customizable field that can be used to categorize your customers. The values 'Residential' and 'Commercial' are preloaded, but you can change the values in this list by going to Settings > General Settings > Customers > Built-in Fields > Customer Type.

Description: Use this field to enter a brief description of the customer's business.

Industry Type: A customizable field. There are a number of preloaded values, but if these are not right for your company, you can change the values in Settings > General Settings > Customers > Built-in Fields > Industry Type.

Custom Fields: You can define custom fields for your customer records by going to Settings > General Settings > Customers > Custom Fields.

Primary Contact: The primary contact person for the customer record. You can add additional contacts after you have created the customer record.

Primary Location: The primary location (address) for the customer record. You can add additional locations after you have created the customer record.

Billing Information:

  • Tax Exempt: Determines whether the customer should be charged taxes or not. Tax exempt status usually only applies to non-profit organizations. Consult your accountant if you have questions about tax exempt status for your customers.
  • Default Tax Rate: The default tax rate for the customer. To setup tax rates in BlueFolder, go to Billing > Tax Codes.
  • Default Labor Type: The default labor rate for the customer. The rate you enter here will be the default for any labor recorded for this customer. The rate is chosen from the labor rates you have defined in the Item List. You can edit the Item List by going to Work Orders > Item List.
  • Bill To: This is the billing address for the customer. The billing address defaults to the Primary Location. You can also choose to bill to an address belonging to another customer record or enter a new address.


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