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Release Notes - 2015-11-17

This release includes a redesigned customer portal that is more powerful and works better on mobile devices. A few additional minor enhancements and bug fixes are also included.

What's New

New Customer Portal

  • Fresh New Interface (and Mobile-Friendly)! - Our customer portal gets a complete redesign with this release. The all-new design is super-clean, easy-to-use and mobile-friendly.
  • Dashboard - The Dashboard page is a new addition to the customer portal. The Dashboard is a better "landing page" for users who log in to your portal and can display helpful information such as your company logo, service manager, account manager, and announcements (see below). You can set the Dashboard page to the "Start Page" for your portal users by going to Settings > Customer Portal > General Settings.
  • Announcements - Keep your customers in the loop by using the new Announcements feature that displays on the new Dashboard page in your customer portal. Announcements are useful for things like helpful instructions for your portal users, promotional offers, or even posting holiday hours. To edit announcements, go to Settings > Customer Portal > Announcements.
  • Branding Improvements - The color theme of the new customer portal automatically adopts whatever color theme you've chosen for your BlueFolder account. You also now have the option to display a custom logo that is different than the logo you use in your main account. Whichever logo option you choose can be displayed on both the login page, and the new Dashboard page.
  • Searching Equipment & Contracts - The "Equipment" & "Contracts" lists now include search capabilities.
  • Easier File Attachments - When creating a new work order, portal users can now add file attachments at the same time, without requiring additional steps.
  • "Log In As" Portal Users - Managing portal users continues to improve, with a new "Log In As" feature that allows you to easily log in to the portal as one of your portal users, making it much easier to see what they're seeing and help them with questions.

  • Portal User Permission Enhancements - We've expanded the permission settings for portal users to include more granular settings for controlling which work orders and equipment items a user can see when using the portal. One specific new permission allows you to limit a user to only being able to see work orders that are associated with the customer location that they are assigned to.
  • More Customization - The settings for controlling the visibility of tabs and work order fields have been expanded. Also, the work order list settings now include more fields that can be displayed in the list.
  • Start Page - You can now specify which page of the portal should be the first page your users see when they log in to the portal.
  • Pre-populated Web Requests - This new feature is a bit technical and is intended for more advanced users who know some HTML and want to integrate BlueFolder with their own website. The "web request" form (which doesn't require a portal login) can now be pre-populated with data by including the form fields in the URL. For example, if you wanted to link from your website to your BlueFolder web request form and pre-populate the "description" field with a specific value, you could use the following URL: https://YourAccount.bluefolder.com/portal/index.aspx?txtDescription=My+custom+description+value. The field names should match the names of the fields as defined in the HTML source of your account's web request form.

Other Enhancements

  • Email blacklist for incoming emails - This new feature for incoming email settings allows you to list specific email addresses that should never be allowed to send email into your BlueFolder account.
  • Enhancement to logging of certain outgoing emails - When using the "Email Customer" feature from within a Work Order, the outgoing email message body will now be preserved in the log entry that records that the email was sent.
  • Item changes copied to uses of item - When changing an item in the "Item List" the changes to the item's description, unit price, or unit cost will now be propagated to any uses of that item in open work orders or recurring work orders.

Bug Fixes

  • If using a custom term for the "Service Manager" role, it isn't used consistently throughout the apps.
  • When choosing a "Service Manager" for a work order, certain users don't show up in the pick-list.
  • Recurring work order view page shows old data in the "Recent Activity" section.
  • When assignees are changed on an assignment the details are not logged in the work order log.
  • Custom fields that are of type "date" are inconsistent in recurring work orders and create/edit work orders.
  • Custom reports cannot find custom fields if field's value is null.
  • Printable views of calendar pages don't look good.
  • Adding a portal user fails if the display name is the same as another customer contact in that account.
  • Public comments on materials items aren't displayed on the work order's "Billing" tab.
  • The settings for the "Location Notes" field on work orders are missing.
  • Rescheduling appointments from the "Availability Grid" calendar view is not working.
  • Disabled work order priority values still show in the "Priority" dropdown list in the mobile web app.
  • When adding labor in the mobile web app, the "comment is public" setting doesn’t default properly based on user's settings.
  • Video uploads from mobile devices sometimes fail with duplicate file name, but the user has no way to rename the video before uploading.
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