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Pre-filling Web Request Form Fields

The BlueFolder Web Request form has the capability of having the fields pre-populated based on values that can be added to the URL.

For example, the following URL point to the web request form and pre-populates the name (both first and last) with "John Doe":


Space characters should be replaced with the '+' character (e.g. "this+is+a+description"), and then reserved characters must be 'escaped' as described in [RFC1738]. You may include line breaks for text-based controls by using the '\n' escape sequence.

Standard Fields

The following standard fields are available to be pre-filled.

URL variableWeb Form Field
cboRequestPriority Priority drop-down list (see notes below)
cboType Type drop-down list
txtContactFirstName  First Name text field
txtContactLastName Last Name text field
txtContactCompany Company text field 
txtContactPhone  Phone text field
txtContactEmail Email text field
txtContactAddress Address text field
txtContactCity City text field 
txtContactState State text field
txtContactPostalCode Zip text field
txtDescription Description text field
txtDetailedDescription Detailed Description text field
chkRememberMe The 'Remember Me' checkbox

Custom Fields

To pre-fill custom fields you should use the prefix 'CF_' and then append the custom field's name to it.



Line breaks can be used in text-based controls by using the '\n' escape sequence.
For drop-down lists (or 'select' lists) the value you specify must match a value displayed in the 'value' attribute of an item in the list (not the text value displayed in the list). For example, when pre-filling a value for the 'Priority' drop-down list, you would use a numerical values between 1 and 4, not text values such as 'High', 'Low', etc. Examine the HTML source for a drop-down list to determine which values are acceptable.


Example query string:

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