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Release Notes - 2016-03-17

This new release introduces a refreshed user interface for our main web app. This new interface design is cleaner, more modern, more consistent, and improves usability on touch-screen devices. Even though many interface elements have been updated and improved, the new interface is similar enough to the previous design that most users will only need a few minutes to adjust to the changes. We've also included a number of other great enhancements in this release, including attachments for equipment items, better support for equipment tracking in our mobile web app, an improved "Service Dashboard", and much more. A number of bug fixes are also included.

What's New

Refreshed User Interface

  • Redesigned Navigation Bar - our previous navigation bar consisted of tabs that displayed a popup menu when a user hovered their mouse pointer over the tab. For users on touchscreen devices such as smartphones or tablets, the old design was difficult or impossible to use properly. The new design provides a more modern design, retains single-click access to the main areas of the app, and enables access to popup menus by clicking the down-arrow next to each tab.

    Old Navigation Bar:

    New Navigation Bar:

  • Assignment List Changes - the assignment list appears in the "Assigned To" column within the work order list, as well as in the right-hand sidebar while viewing a work order.

    - The assignment list has been improved with larger, easier to click/tap "Complete" buttons, encouraging techs to more easily notice when an assignment needs to be completed.

    - We've updated the list to be more space-efficient when a work order has many assignments - only three assignments are shown by default and a "show more" button allows the remaining assignments to be made visible.

    - When a work order has no assignments, a prominent new button entitled "Assign/Schedule" will appear.

    - Completed assignments have a larger visual indicator of their status, making it easier to scan a list and quickly identify which assignments have been completed.


  • Changes to Search Boxes on Lists - the search boxes that appear on the upper-right of many of the lists now have an integrated search field selector instead of a separate selector, saving valuable screen space.

  • Work Order List Changes - the column widths in the work order list have been better optimized to be more space-efficient, and the action buttons that appeared in the right-most column have been consolidated into a single menu button that is larger and easier to click on touchscreen devices. If you are accustomed to the change status button that has been removed, you can still quickly access the change status dialog with a single-click by clicking on the status text itself. Single-click access to adding a comment is no longer available from the work order list, but can quickly be accessed through the new action button as already described.
  • Eliminated Sidebars on Contracts, Customers, Equipment - the page layout of Customers, Contracts, and Equipment has been modified to match the layout that has been used with Work Orders for some time now. The "action list" that previously appeared as a right-hand sidebar has been moved and consolidated into a horizontal header for more consistency across the app. The most commonly used actions are still a single-click away, via new buttons that appear in the header, and an "all actions" button appears as the right-most button horizontally, providing access to all available actions for the item being viewed.
  • Settings Navigation Menu - the Settings tab has been moved to the upper right corner of the page and now functions as a dropdown menu that becomes visible when clicked or tapped. Also, while in the settings area, a new vertically oriented menu appears on the left-hand side of the screen and providing quicker access and improved discoverability to all settings areas. Finally, a new "Settings Overview" page has been included that provides access to BlueFolder release notes, system status, and summaries of account and current user profile.
  • New "Bright Blue" Color Theme - a new color theme called "bright blue" is now available in Settings > General Settings > Appearance.
  • Improved Import Tools - our import tools have been improved and are now easier to use, especially when mapping columns for data being imported.
  • Lots More - there are so many more small improvements and "clean-up" in the new user interface that we can't list them all here (we don't even remember all of them).

Other Enhancements

  • Attachments for Equipment Items - attachments can now be added to equipment items. Useful for installation photos, technical docs, user manuals, and more. Attachments can be viewed in our main web app, our mobile web app, and public attachments can be viewed in the customer portal.
  • Equipment in Mobile Web App - as previously stated, an equipment item's attached files can now be viewed in our mobile web app. New equipment items can now be created directly from the mobile web app, making it easier to service customer equipment that you haven't serviced before. We've also added the "Equipment List" as a top-level navigation menu item. This means you aren't limited to only viewing the equipment for a single customer, but can view the entire list of equipment in your account, along with the ability to search the list by item name, customer name, serial number, equipment type, model number, or reference number.
  • Equipment in Customer Portal - equipment items in the customer portal have been improved with the ability to view and add attachments, and an item's service history has been moved to it's own "sub-tab" for consistency and performance optimization.
  • "Recent Activity" in Service Dashboard - the "Recent Activity" list on the Service Dashboard has been greatly enhanced, with the ability to filter the list to a specific user or user group, and the ability to load more than just the most recent 20 entries. This is a valuable tool for managers to be able to quickly monitor an employees activity level.

  • Added Search to Contracts List - the list of contracts that appears in the "Contracts" tab now supports the ability to be searched.
  • Enhanced Equipment List Search - the search capabilities in the list that appears in the "Equipment" tab has been enhanced to support the ability to limit the search to specific fields.
  • Multiple File Upload - when attaching files to a customer, contract, equipment item, or work order, our main web app now supports the ability to select multiple files at once and all files will be uploaded in a single step. This is a big time-saver when you need to attach multiple files. This capability is not yet available in the mobile web app.
  • Progressive Loading of Work Order Log - the work order log has been modified to only load the 20 most recent log entries, along with the ability to repeatedly click a "Load more" button to load another 20 entries. A "Load all" button also provides the ability to load all additional log entries.

  • API Improvement - custom fields are now included in the ServiceRequests/List API call.
  • Recurring Service Request List Enhancement - when viewing the Recurring Service Request List, you can now choose how many records to load on the page. Since we don't yet have a search for this list, this change makes it easier to use your browser's built-in search capability to find what you need to find.
  • Recently Viewed Equipment - recently viewed equipment items are now remembered and available for quick access via the "Equipment" menu in the main navigation bar.
  • Callback Trigger Change - the "created" callback trigger for work orders created via a recurring work order has been moved to the "end" of the processing of the recurring work order, so that when the callback is executed, the work order and all it's associated assignments, labor, etc have all been created.
  • Callback Timeout - added the ability to select the timeout of a callback.
  • Customer Portal Status Filter - the ability to filter the customer portal work order list by status has been enhanced to allow viewing of all statuses.
  • New Permissions for Customer Portal Users - new portal permissions have been added to control whether portal users can "Reopen" or "Cancel" work orders, and add attachments to equipment items.
  • New Customer Portal Preference - a new preference has been added for showing/hiding equipment attachments in the customer portal.
  • Link to Equipment Items in Customer Portal - when viewing a work order in the customer portal, any associated equipment items can now be clicked to view that equipment item's detail page.
  • Custom Date Fields - when editing a custom field of type "date", a date-picker is now shown instead of just a textbox.
  • Renamed "Recycle Bin" - the "Recycle Bin" in the "Work Orders" tab has been renamed to "Deleted Work Orders".

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error where closed Service Requests were triggering callbacks multiple times.
  • Fixed hyperlinks in exported reports so that they are clickable from Microsoft Excel.
  • Fixed an error preventing Recurring Service Request from saving when using the "monthly by a specific day of the month" is selected.
  • Fixed paging of Recurring Service Request recent activity so that we can see all entries.
  • Fixed a bug in a user's iCal feed that was generating invalid links for appointments.
  • Fixed a bug preventing an attempt to send a password reset to a user with no email configured.
  • Fixed a bug preventing an existing non-repeating calendar appointment from being converted to a repeating appointment.
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