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What's New at BlueFolder - Summer 2016

Hello! The BlueFolder team continues to roll out great new features and improvements. We'd like to bring you up to date on our activities over the past few months.

New BlueFolder Website

At the beginning of May, we launched a completely redesigned website at www.bluefolder.com. The new design features an updated brand, modern design, and is mobile-friendly. We're seeing great results from the site, with conversion metrics improved across the board.

Updated User Interface (revisited)

As you know, back in March, we released a refreshed, more modern user interface for our main web app. Thanks to all of the customers who submitted feedback and appreciation for the improvements. It's been exciting to see the enthusiasm our customers have for BlueFolder and the new UI has been well-received all around. The new UI is a foundation we will be building on over the next year as we work on some additional great improvements in this area.

Intuit/QuickBooks App Store

We're pleased to announce that BlueFolder is now listed in the Intuit/QuickBooks App Store. Most of our customers use QuickBooks and being listed in their app store is a great way for more field service companies to learn about us. If you use our QuickBooks Online integration and have a minute to help us out, please consider giving us a review on the app store. Check out our listing here. If you have questions or feedback regarding our QuickBooks integration, please touch base with our excellent support team for assistance. Also, stay tuned for some exciting QuickBooks Online integration improvements in the near future!

Updated FreshBooks Integration

Speaking of online accounting systems, FreshBooks is an excellent small business accounting solution that some of our customers use. We've just completed an integration with FreshBooks that instantly sends closed BlueFolder work orders to FreshBooks as invoices. This integration is built on the popular Zapier (zapier.com) app-connection platform. Building this integration on the Zapier platform opens the door to future integration options with other online apps and we're excited to have begun working in this direction. If you're interested in the FreshBooks integration, please contact support for more information.

Product Updates & Fixes

The following enhancements and bug fixes have been released over the past couple of months.

  • Added new user permission to control whether users can delete work orders
  • Added new contact and location columns to report dataset "Work Order Items".
  • Require user to enter their current password when changing to a new password.
  • Strengthen security policy to require users to use more complex passwords.
  • Enhance service request "get" function in API to support grouping all items into a single <items> node instead of being listed separately.
  • Implemented new networking scalability infrastructure.
  • Optimize creation of billing batches to improve performance.
  • Change formatting of some percent values to only show 2 decimal places instead of 3, unless a third decimal place is truly needed.
  • In a work order's "Billing" tab, the link to the invoice for the work order now opens in a new tab/window.
  • Fixed: The "Web Request" form should use the "portal logo" when specified in portal settings.
  • Fixed: When clicking on the "Full History" for a customer only open work orders are displayed instead of the full history.
  • Fixed: When creating a new equipment item from the "New Work Order" page, the new equipment item is added to the list, but is displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Password reset emails for portal users should not direct the user to BlueFolder Support for assistance, but to the customer.
  • Fixed: Customer column cannot be removed in the "Work Order List".
  • Fixed: Error when attempting to delete a customer comment.
  • Fixed: When changing an item's price in the master item list, the total billable price for that item in an open work order is not automatically adjusted.
  • Fixed: When changing an item's price in the master item list, the new price & cost for uses of that item in recurring work orders are not applied.
  • Fixed: Assignment list is missing the "Show More" button sometimes.
  • Fixed: When viewing a custom report as a non-admin user, the report doesn't display correctly.
  • Fixed: SaveAs dialog was being included in exported report.
  • Fixed: Buttons not being properly hidden when a non-admin user viewed a custom report.
  • Fixed: When editing a contract that is billed to "other address" but has a blank "Country" value, a "server error" is thrown and the user sees an ugly error message.
  • Fixed: Wrong Due Date in email notifications that contain Work Order details.
  • Fixed: Rounding error resulting in incorrect work order total price under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: Broken links in work order log on mobile web app.

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