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Release Notes - 2016-07-15

The following enhancements and bug fixes have been released over the past couple of months.

What's New

  • Added new user permission to control whether users can delete work orders
  • Added new contact and location columns to report dataset "Work Order Items".
  • Require user to enter their current password when changing to a new password.
  • Strengthen security policy to require users to use more complex passwords.
  • Enhance service request "get" function in API to support grouping all items into a single <items> node instead of being listed separately.
  • Implemented new networking scalability infrastructure.
  • Optimize creation of billing batches to improve performance.
  • Change formatting of some percent values to only show 2 decimal places instead of 3, unless a third decimal place is truly needed.
  • In a work order's "Billing" tab, the link to the invoice for the work order now opens in a new tab/window.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: The "Web Request" form should use the "portal logo" when specified in portal settings.
  • Fixed: When clicking on the "Full History" for a customer only open work orders are displayed instead of the full history.
  • Fixed: When creating a new equipment item from the "New Work Order" page, the new equipment item is added to the list, but is displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Password reset emails for portal users should not direct the user to BlueFolder Support for assistance, but to the customer.
  • Fixed: Customer column cannot be removed in the "Work Order List".
  • Fixed: Error when attempting to delete a customer comment.
  • Fixed: When changing an item's price in the master item list, the total billable price for that item in an open work order is not automatically adjusted.
  • Fixed: When changing an item's price in the master item list, the new price & cost for uses of that item in recurring work orders are not applied.
  • Fixed: Assignment list is missing the "Show More" button sometimes.
  • Fixed: When viewing a custom report as a non-admin user, the report doesn't display correctly.
  • Fixed: SaveAs dialog was being included in exported report.
  • Fixed: Buttons not being properly hidden when a non-admin user viewed a custom report.
  • Fixed: When editing a contract that is billed to "other address" but has a blank "Country" value, a "server error" is thrown and the user sees an ugly error message.
  • Fixed: Wrong Due Date in email notifications that contain Work Order details.
  • Fixed: Rounding error resulting in incorrect work order total price under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: Broken links in work order log on mobile web app.
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