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Release Notes - 2016-10-11

This update to BlueFolder includes enhancements to work order assignments, new customer location list view, customizable password policy, improvements to creating new items from within a work order, and more. A number of bug fixes are also included.

What's New

Assignment Enhancements

  • Assigning Work Orders when Creating or Cloning
    Now you can assign a new work order right from the page where you create/clone it. In the sidebar you'll find a new checkbox labeled "Assign this Work Order". When you check the box, a form will appear allowing you to define assignment details in a single step. The previous "Save & Assign" button has been removed in favor of this new approach that is much faster and more convenient.

  • Changes to Creating and Editing Assignments
    The form for creating and editing work order assignments has been modified in the following ways:

    - The "Assigned To" field has been moved to the top of the form when creating and editing assignments. Our stats show that 99% of all work order assignments in BlueFolder have an assignee and moving it to the top of the form makes creating and editing assignments faster and more intuitive in most cases.

    - The user interface for choosing assignees has been updated to match the look and feel of the rest of the app. The functionality is the same, it just looks nicer.

  • Assignment List Changes
    Back in March we redesigned the assignment list that appears in the "Assigned To" column in the work order list, as well as in the right-hand sidebar while viewing a work order. Today we're adding a few refinements to the way assignments are displayed in order to improve usability. 

    - The "Complete" button has been modified to remove the checkmark icon and change the label to "Mark Completed". We found that some users were confused by the checkmark icon, thinking that it signified that the assignment was already completed. We also found that the label "Complete" could be improved by changing it to "Mark Complete", which better explains what will happen when the button is clicked.

    - We've also moved the checkmark icon into the green "Completed" label that appears on completed assignments. This change makes it easier to clearly identify when an assignment is completed.


Customer List Improvements

  • New Location List
    Customers on our Enterprise price plan can now customize the password policy for their users. Passwords can be required to include uppercase & lowercase characters, special characters, and have a minimum length.

  • Customer View Selector
    Switching between the Customer List, Contact List, and new Location List is now easy and seamless with the new View selector.


Other Enhancements

  • New Custom Report Columns
    Two new columns have been added to the custom report dataset "Work Orders". Using the new columns described below, you can create a custom report that shows how long work orders have been in their current status, enabling you to perform basic SLA analysis.
    • "Status Age" - this column displays the number of hours the work order has been in it's current status.
    • "Status Last Updated" - this column is a date/time value indicating the last time the status of the work order was changed.

  • Customizable Password Policy
    Customers on our Enterprise price plan can now customize the password policy for their users. Passwords can be required to include uppercase & lowercase characters, special characters, and have a minimum length. The new settings can be found in Settings > Users & Permissions > Password Policy.

  • Due Date
    Specifying due dates on work orders has been modified to make it more intuitive.

  • Creating New Items from Work Order
    Enhance item creation from within work order to include ability to specify flat rate labor, taxable status, and account name.

  • Customizable Navigation Bar
    The main navigation bar is now customizable. Icons can be toggled on/off, and the display of the navigation bar can be set to use tabs or not. These settings apply to all users in your account.

  • Relocated Bookmarks Tab
    The bookmarks tab on the main navigation bar has been moved to the right-hand side of the bar.

  • Color Theme Changes
    In order to support the new "tabbed mode" for the navigation bar, some of the color themes have been slightly modified. The "Blue" color theme has been modified more significantly, but the previous blue theme has been renamed as a new "Dark Blue" theme.

  • API Enhancement
    When using the API to retrieve a single user or list of users, the "link" fields on the user record have been added to the data that is returned.

  • Last Login Dates
    In the user list, the "Last Login" date/time now includes mobile app logins, resulting in a more accurate reporting of the user's most recent activity.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Some of the entries in the Recent Activity List on the Service Dashboard are being displayed with encoded HTML characters.
  • Fixed: Editing a recurring work order causes it's status to be reset to "Active".
  • Fixed: Cancelling a recurring work order sometimes caused it's state to become both "Active" and "Paused" at the same time.
  • Fixed: When deleting a work order assignment, the customer notification message is not displayed.
  • Fixed: Performance problem when uploaded multiple file attachments at the same time.


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