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Release Notes - 2024-02-06

What's New

  • Existing work order comments can now be edited from the mobile app.
  • The External ID field for equipment records can now be displayed in the Customer Portal. This can be turned on in Settings > Customer Portal > General Settings.
  • A search box has been added to the customer list in the mobile app.
  • The equipment import tool has been updated to support the ability to modify the Customer field on existing equipment records. This can be accomplished via a simple import file with each row containing only the Equipment ID and the exact name of the Customer that equipment item should be associated with. Note that if you're using the recently released equipment hierarchy features, only parent equipment items (or items with no children at all) can have the Customer field modified in this way.
  • Added paging to the incoming email log found in Settings > Email > Incoming Email Log.

Bug Fixes

  • Various fixes for new calendar (in beta test)
  • Fixed: Deleting a custom field didn't remove that field from any custom reports containing it.
  • Fixed: Can't delete an equipment item from the actions menu on the equipment item overview page.
  • Fixed: Clicking the arrow button in weekly calendar resulted in error page.
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