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Release Notes - 2024-05-31

Calendar Improvements

We are continuing to improve our new calendar (still in beta) with the following updates:

  • Improved the user/group filter in the left sidebar, removing the confusing checkbox below the search box and changed the logic so that the filter includes ALL of the users that are listed in the filter box AND any users that belong to ANY of the groups in the filter box.
  • The link to "Clear" the user/group filter box will now appear even if there is only one filter in the box.
  • Events for inactive users are now displayed on the calendar, making it possible to reschedule events that are assigned to a former user.
  • Added a right-hand sidebar that contains a list of unassigned work orders. The purpose of this list is to facilitate quick scheduling of unassigned work orders by simply dragging the work order from the list on the right onto the day/time/user slot where you'd like to assign it.
  • Updated the calendar search in the left sidebar to only search fields that are being displayed in the event boxes (according to user's preferences).
  • Improved the time formatting on events (e.g. 10:00am - 11:00am is now simply 10-11am)
  • Added "Assignment Comments" and "Zone" as possible values that can be displayed in the event box.
  • Added personalization settings to allow users to customize what information is displayed in the event boxes on the calendar.

Other Improvements

  • Show equipment hierarchy in the dropdown list when choosing equipment for a work order or recurring job. Applies to work order create/edit/clone in both main web app and the mobile app.
  • Relocated the "Related To" section on the work order pages in the mobile app to be lower on the page so that viewing the key work order information is more efficient.
  • Add more Assignment columns to the "Work Orders" custom report dataset.
  • Allow Account Manager & Service Manager to have access to a work order in the customer's history when they are the customer's account/service manager but aren’t specifically listed on the work order.
  • Added the ability to include work order attachments when emailing an invoice to a customer.
  • Added the ability to specify a payment date when entering a manual payment on an invoice.
  • Added the ability to filter the work order list by Priority.
  • In the customer portal, the order of "Contact" and "Service Location" on the work order overview and creation pages has been swapped so that "Service Location" comes first.
  • Added "Status Last Updated" to Equipment Service History report dataset.
  • Added "Other Related Users" column (as a comma-separated list) to work order report datasets.
  • Added a new notification for when incoming email is rejected. This can be found in Settings > Email > Global Notifications, under the section "Notifications for Incoming Emails".
  • Added "ExternalID" as an available list column to the work order list in the main web app.
  • In the mobile app's work order list we added support for "view mode" with "standard" and "detailed" as the possible modes. The new "detailed" mode adds the ability to view all the same data as in the main web app. When using this mode, each work order that appears in the list will have an "Additional Details" link that expands that row to show whatever additional data the user has displayed in their work order list in the main web app.
  • The recently added badges that indicate a customer's billing status have been simplified. Instead of 2 separate badges for "Balance Due" and "Overdue", we will now show a single badge and the text will either be "Balance Due" or "Balance Overdue". 
  • Added the ability to modify a customer's Inactive property via the customer import tool.
  • Added some payment information on the invoice details view.
  • Added an invoice list to the customer portal so that customers can see their invoice history, outstanding invoices, and view/pay individual invoices.
  • Updated the timesheet report to show red text where reported hours are less than the number of assigned hours (i.e. if labor is under-reported).
  • When displaying links in the attachments list, if a link has descriptive text it will now be used as the link text instead of the URL.
  • Added "Invoices" tab to customer records, and badges to show when customers have a balance due or are past due. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Description on assignment completion would overflow its container.
  • Fixed: When switching away from the Availability view on the new calendar, selected dates get messed up.
  • Fixed: in mobile app, when going from Day, to Week, to Week Agenda, and Month - and then back to Week and/or Day the date goes from today, to the first day of the month.
  • Fixed: In new calendar, assignee missing from calendar events on month view.
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