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Release Notes - 2018-04-12

The following product changes are included in this release.

What's New

Improvements to Assignments

Creating and editing assignments is now much faster! You can perform these tasks directly from the work order list, or the sidebar when viewing a work order, without any page reloads. All actions are now performed with dialogs that appear on the same page you're already viewing. This is a dramatic improvement in both speed and comprehension, as it prevents unnecessarily having to go to a different page and potentially forgetting what you were trying to do.

This improvement also applies to assignment completion, uncompletion, and deletion. Also, if an assignment change causes the work order status to change automatically, the work order status will also be automatically refreshed on the screen.

Changes to Customer Notifications

If your customer notification emails are configured to include a link for your customer to view the work order online, the link now behaves a little different.

  • Previously, the link would take the customer to the portal, even if they weren't a portal user. But if you used the "Email Customer" action on a work order, the link that was included would take the customer to a different page. It was inconsistent and potentially confusing for your customer.
  • Now, the link will behave as follows:
    • If you have web requests enabled, and don't have the customer portal feature (or it's disabled), the link will take your customer to the "Check Status" page, allowing them to see basic work order info.
    • If you have web requests disabled, and have the customer portal enabled, the link will take your customer to the work order in the portal. If the customer isn't already logged in to the portal, they will have to login first and then will see the work order.
    • If you have both web requests and the customer portal enabled, the link will detect whether the customer associated with the work order has any contacts with portal access. If so, the link will take the customer to the portal to view the work order. Otherwise, the customer will see the "Check Status" page and a box will be displayed inviting them to login to the portal to see more details.

Other Changes

  • The recurring jobs list can now be hidden from view of certain user roles. By default, only users belonging to the Administrator, Scheduler, or Service Manager roles can see the recurring jobs list. Now, you can permit users belonging to the Lead Tech, Tech, or Subcontractor roles to see the list. You can further restrict whether they can see all jobs in the list, or only the jobs they are associated with in some way.
  • The header text for popup dialog boxes has been improved for better readability.
  • All users of Internet Explorer versions below 11 will now be warned to upgrade their browser upon login.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: When completing an assignment and settings dictate that a comment is required, the completion comment doesn't show as being required and includes the word "Optional" in the comment box.
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