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Release Notes - 2017-12-22

What's New

  • Performance optimizations to help work orders load faster.
  • Added a calendar preference to control the display of "Notes".
  • Added ability to filter work order list on mobile by individual status values.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Error when displaying email notification history for a work order log entry in some cases.
  • Fixed: Reports with data containing Null characters break the Excel XLSX export.
  • Fixed: Roles losing permission when a user clicks "Save" Multiple times.
  • Fixed: Can't save Entry Forms as attachments if work order already has a saved entry form.
  • Fixed: Saving a work order with a blank contact would use the customer's primary contact instead.
  • Fixed: Recently viewed work orders not updating in tab menu.
  • Fixed: Choosing a different location when creating/editing a work order does not automatically change to the service manager for that location.
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