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Work Order Smart Lists

Smart lists provide a way to display the work order list in an organized and predictable way. You can create a smart list with specific criteria to make it easy to display the exact work orders you want to see. For example, you can create a smart list that displays work orders that have been closed in the past 24 hours. Smart lists also allow you to choose which columns should appear in the work order list, in what order, and how the list should be sorted by default.

BlueFolder includes a number of built-in smart lists for your convenience. These built-in lists can be deactivated, or cloned and modified to suit your needs. You can also create your own custom lists. Note that some price plans are only allowed a limited number of smart lists.


Smart Lists Overview


The "[Browse]" List

The default work order list is called "[Browse]" and is accessible to all users who have access to the work orders tab. The "[Browse]" list is customizable, but not as much as a smart list. To customize the "[Browse]" list, click the small "sliders" icon in the top right-hand corner of the list to bring up a menu allowing you to select which columns to include and exclude; BlueFolder will remember this preference.


Creating a Smart List

To create a new smart list, navigate to Settings > General Settings > Work Orders > Smart Lists. In the upper right-hand corner, click the "New List" button.

When creating your new list, BlueFolder will give you the flexibility to filter your selection of work orders as needed to suit your individual needs.

You can determine which users will have access to a particular list.  



You can use filters to only show work orders that meet some or all of the requirements you specify.



You can determine which columns you wish to see in the list, and what order you want to see them in.



You can determine by default what data set you wish to order by in ascending or descending order.



You can set a threshold number so that if more work orders meet the filter criteria than the threshold specified, the smart list will be highlighted with a color of your choice. This is very useful in dashboards, as the colors can draw your focus to work orders that need attention.


This is how smart lists appear on the "Service Dashboard". Notice that some of the lists are colorized because the number of work orders meeting the list's criteria exceeds the threshold value defined for the list.



After you save your list, you will see it in the list of Smart Lists in Settings > General Settings > Work Orders > Smart Lists. You can reorder the smart lists by clicking the grab handle on the right-hand side of the row and dragging the list to the desired position.


Deactivating Smart Lists

BlueFolder gives you the option to deactivate a list, which will hide it from the dropdown menu of smart lists on your work order list page. To deactivate a list, navigate to the Work Order Smart Lists page (Settings > General Settings > Work Orders > Smart Lists), locate the list you wish to make inactive, click the action button (with the down arrow) on the right-hand side of the row, and select "Deactivate".

To access an inactive list, navigate to the Work Order Smart Lists page, then click the "Inactive" tab. From there you can click the action button for the desired list and choose to activate, clone, or delete it. 

Your BlueFolder account may be preloaded with a few built-in smart lists. These lists cannot be deleted, however, they can be deactivated the same way as any other list. You can also clone a built-in smart list.


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