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Release Notes - 2018-03-30

The following product changes are included in this release.

What's New

  • Show description as bold text on calendar views.
  • Add placeholder on assignment edit page to clarify when an assignment has no assignees.
  • Optimized performance of Recent Activity list on Service Dashboard, reducing load time by more than 90%.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: On customer overview page, modify the “View full history” link on the upper-right of the “Recent Work Orders” list to not change user's saved filters on the History tab.
  • Fixed: Show "Assignment Comments" in all calendar views, including on mobile.
  • Fixed: Comments for some items not being set as public by default on mobile.
  • Fixed: Issue with the filter for Deleted Work Orders list.
  • Fixed: Labor report inserting unwanted page break in some circumstances.
  • Fixed: Issue with billing batch numbers not being sequential.
  • Fixed: Add links to sidebar when viewing a work order when source is email or web.
  • Fixed: Show priority label, instead of number, when viewing web request details.
  • Fixed: Can't delete a work order sometimes due to certain XML characters being present.
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